Well, I guess I should do this, as it is probably recommended that I do such a page.  This is a very basic about me page.  It is nothing fancy or glamorous but I guess it will have to do.

Name: Doctor Vell (aka Richard W)

Age: About 50 earth years old

Occupation: Grocery Store Partner

Location: USA, planet Earth, solar system of Sol, Milky Way Galaxy

Status: Very happily married for over 13 years


  • My wife (my first and only true love)
  • Doctor Who (new and “classic” series)
  • Star Trek (original, Next Generation, and Voyager primarily)
  • Star Wars (all of them I’ve seen)
  • Computers
  • Mythbusters (new and reboot)
  • How the Universe Works
  • COSMOS (original and new)
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Minions from the Despicable Me series of movies
  • Music (various)


  • Rude people
  • People who shove their beliefs down my throat
  • Those who think that their mode of thinking is the only way to think
  • Certain foods (won’t go there)
  • My food allergies (nuts of all kinds)

Goals of Page: Actually I really don’t have any goals on this page except that I just will be posting my opinion on various topics from computers, to science fiction.  This is not set out to bash anyone for their beliefs on such issues or topics I bring up but it is my take on it.  I am NOT asking you to change your opinions either, because you have your own reasons for believing what you want to and it is not my place to change that.  Also, in that respect I ask you not to bash my view points on these issues as well.  Opinions are just that, opinions.  Facts can be verified from at least one or two sources while opinions are usually from one source and this mine (or your own).  They can be based on my prior experiences in such issue or what I see as facts and make my own conclusion.  Will I be wrong?  YES I will be as well as NO.  It all depends on the situation at hand.  I have and will be wrong on many things, but I will equally be right on these too.  If you do NOT like anything about this blog and think it is crap, either leave it OR just tolerate it the way it is.  I don’t care either way.