My World

What this is quite simply put my blog.  Here I am going to post things that I enjoy, some more than others, my viewpoints, my opinions, news items I find fascinating and what ever else I can think of.  First off, I know I am not the best person when it comes to grammar, so please bare with me on that.  I am much better than some people I have seen but not quite as good as others.  I hope that the auto spell checker in my web browser and/or blog posting software (Bloglio) will find all my spelling errors, but if a few slip by I am very sorry.  Also, when I spell words they will be in American English not UK English, Australian English, or any other variation around the world.


OPINIONS: My opinions are just that opinions, they are not based in any factual information.  They are what I feel about something.  If you do NOT agree with them, that is perfectly fine by me.  I don’t mind it at all.  All I do ask is that you do not bash me or anyone else (if they post any comments) that says anything.  If I say, “all the people should wear blue on Thursdays” that is an opinion.  I can’t make anyone wear any color let alone on a particular day of the week.

FACTS: If I post a certain fact here I will state it too, like “Doctor Who is a TV show”  That is true because the show is currently on many countries around the world on various TV sets broadcasted by the BBC and other TV stations.

Just remember this is my world and take on it, so just enjoy it.  However if you have any suggestions PLEASE let me know, I will consider it.  Thank-you for your time.