What I would love to have…

This is a computer I would love to get my hands on someday.  It is the Atari STacy, a portable computer.  As you can read by the specifications it is not the most current system and is not able to connect to the modern internet (unless somewhere a dial-up internet is still out there – or a device can be connected to do such).  I am wanting the 40mb (yes, NOT gb but mb) or higher hard drive capacity instead of the 20mb version.  Some sources say that this is still available from $799.00 and up, I haven’t really searched for it.

The specs listed below were copied from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atari_STacy with edits done by me on my dashboard for my blog software (WordPress – http://www.wordpress.org).


Atari Stacy portable computer with professional MIDI extension.

Manufacturer Atari
Release date September 1989; 27 years ago
Introductory price US$2,299 (equivalent to $4,442 in 2016)
Discontinued 1991
Units shipped estimated 35,000+
Operating system Atari TOS 1.04
CPU Motorola 68HC000 @ 8 MHz
Memory RAM: 1 MB (expandable to 4 MB)
ROM: 192 KB
Storage 3.5″ floppy drive, 3.5″ SCSI 20MB-40MB hard-drive Conner Peripherals Inc.
Display 10.4″ EPSON LCD passive matrix backlight
Graphics Color: 320×200, 640×200 (only using external monitor) or Monochrome:  640×400 (with screen with system)
Sound Yamaha YM-2149, three channels, 8 octaves
Input 95 keys, QWERTY, 2 Joysticks, RS 232C, Centronics, external Floppy, ROM-Cartridge, DMA for Printer/HD, MIDI In/Out, Monitor
Power NiCad pack, 12 standard C cell alkaline batteries, DC18V 2.0A 36W AC Adaptor (batteries sucked)
Dimensions 13.3 x 15 x 13.3 inches
Weight 15.2 lb

First Posting

Hi there, this is my first blog posting…I hope to keep this up to date as best as I can but there is no guarantees.  I will post topics from what I like in my own life, what I see online or what I would like to see.  Just for your information, this is my world and how I relate to it.  I will post my opinions and if they don’t agree with yours you can either accept that they are MY OPINION or you can not read it anymore.  I accept your viewpoints just as your opinions as well.  I am not here for debates on which opinion is correct or not.  I also don’t want any flame wars between readers of this also.